We are taking one step at a time to preserve the environment

What is SupaZorb?


SupaZorb under a microscope

This product is patented.

SupaZorb is unique in the sense that it not only consists of 100% organic material, but its combination of specific micro-organisms ensures that it can be applied endlessly. The main purpose of the micro-organisms is to feast on toxins, namely oil, petrol, diesel, blood and much more.


All staff have SETA accredited HAZMAT certificates


SupaZorb was involved with the oil clean-up of the Jolly Rabino at Richards Bay.

  • International River & Dam Rehabilitation: Clean Amazon River and Lakes (Sao Louise, Brazil);
  • Municipalities: PCB Oil Spill Treatment, Chrome 6, Coal and Waste Recycling (Published Recourse Journal);
  • Municipalities: Sewer Treatment (Potchefstroom in collaboration with University of North West / Published);
  • Mining Industry: Soil Rehabilitation & Acid Mine Drainage Treatment;
  • Geo-Hydrology: Mining Industry;
  • Mining Industry: Spill Treatment, Prevention Systems & Training;
  • Mining Industries: Acid Mine Drainage Treatment;
  • Mining: Evaluation for rehabilitation;
  • Petrol Refineries: Fuel Spill Rehabilitation & PCB Treatment (SAPREF);
  • Water quality from oil wells (Geo-Hydrology) (UTAH, USA);
  • Soil rehabilitation of chemical and oil spills with Norwest Holst: Danoon (Scotland, U.K.);
  • Oil Spill Clean-up and Consulting: Fujairah;
  • Oil Spill Consulting: Karachi, Pakistan;
  • Oil Spill Remediation: Christ Church, Norwest Holst, U.K.;
  • Motor Dealers: Effluent Treatment;
  • Motor Industry: Water Recycling Systems – Solar Driven;
  • Governmental Departments: Hydrocarbon Spills, Training & Bio-remediation.



Samples indicate the effectiveness of using SupaZorb at the wash bay

  • Sample on the left: Wash bay discharge is only maintained by grease traps.
  • Sample in the middle: Wash bay discharge is maintained with a sand filtering system and a grid.
  • Sample on the right: Wash bay discharge is maintained by SupaZorb Filter bags and grid.

Sample was taken after using SupaZorb products for four months - thus demonstrating that the Oil Separator can be cleaned less frequently when using SupaZorb products.

In a nut shell - what is SupaZorb's capabilities?

  • Change toxins into nutrients
  • Catabolise certain heavy metals
  • Immobilise heavy metals
  • Buffer pH ranging from 2 - 14 by neutralising it to a pH 6.8 in soil and water
  • Absorb / adsorb metals through ion exchange
  • Recycle hazardous products, such as oil, into an ingredient that is beneficial to nature and humans - compost

Our South African client base involves the Motor Industry, Mining Industry and Governmental Departments such as Water Affairs and Department of Defense. We find pride in our products and are proud to present them to the world.



SupaZorb Floating Bags in Oil

SupaZorb Floating Bags in Oil. Separatorim proves the quality of water discharged and reduce costs associated with cleaning it regularly - SupaZorb absorbs the oil and brakes it down

  • Acid mine drainage (AMD) treatment;
  • Mine tailing rehabilitation;
  • Sewer effluent treatment;
  • Contaminated soil remediation;
  • Environmental Awareness Workshops;
  • SETA accredited training (Respond to and clean-up a spill);
  • Compile training manuals for mines;
  • Training DVD's for mines;
  • Environmental Audit / Inspection /Consult Motor Dealers since 2009;
  • Rainwater Harvesting & Recycling System;
  • Composting Systems;
  • Fibre Glass Drip Trays /Oil Separators;
  • Hydrocarbon spill clean-ups;
  • Determine source of hazardous underground leakages;
  • Visual underground pipe inspections;
  • Measure water and hydrocarbon levels;

Research & Development

Unexploded Ordnance

Advanced geotechnologies can be harnessed for non-destructive detection and mapping of subsurface UXO's.

Conductivity Meter Device

Geophysical Resistivity / Conductivity Geological Mapping to trace hydrocarbon and biological contamination.


Vanta Analyser, Spectrophotometer, Photometer, Microbiological Incubator, GC-MS, Rigaku