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Our product range

At SupaZorb, we get to know our clients and their needs, thereby applying all our resources, research and knowledge to develop a system, service or a product according to their specifications.

All our products are custom made
- this allows us to make adjustments according to requirements -


SupaZorb Absorbent

The loose fibre is available in 10kg and 20kg bags.

The absorbent breaks oil into biomass, which is rich in minerals and can be used as compost.


Oil Pad / Lube Pad

To absorb spills from the floor and during service - place the pad in the sump of the vehicle to absorb oil dripping.

Also used to absorb the oil from the drip tray of the lubricator.

Both products can be re-used until saturated - can be used as compost after 30 days of remediation.


Sock / Boom

Used to contain spills and prevent environment from being contaminated.

Available in different sizes.


Absorbing Mats


Filter Bag

Custom made Filter Bags are used in wash bay channels as an additional precaution to ensure excess oil is absorbed before reaching the Oil Separator - saving money by cleaning the Separator less frequently.


Floating Filter Bag

Serves the same purpose as a Filter Bag, which is to reduce traces of oil - the only difference is that they can float. This is perfect for the Oil Separators. The bags are custom made and can be manufactured in different sizes.

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