SupaZorb Assist Farmers To Increase The Growth Of Their Crop

SupaZorb filter bags in an oil separator.

SupaZorb filter bags in an oil separator.

Something interesting....

After the SupaZorb absorbent is used to clean oil and other toxins, it is safe to use as compost.

Please take note that this is after it was kept moist (as you would do with a pot plant) for 30 days and left standing in the sun for another 30 days.

A farmer in Tarlton is applying used SupaZorb absorbent into his farming strategy as the used SupaZorb is filled with the needed minerals for his crop.

From his experience he no longer needs to use compost or fertilizer as the SupaZorb increased his crop growth by 30%

Another fascinating discovery was that he no longer needs to use pesticides.

This farmer is approved to supply his wholesome crop to a reputable chain store group.

He does not only test the soil regularly, but also his crop to ensure that there are no toxins within the vegetation.