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Our product range

At SupaZorb, we get to know our clients and their needs, thereby applying all our resources, research and knowledge to develop a system, service or a product according to their specifications.

All our products are custom made
- this allows us to make adjustments according to requirements -


Acid Resistant Drip Tray

Custom made according to specifications.

Purpose of trays:

  • Prevent cross contamination from Long Life Coolant (LLC), Brake Fluid, Anti-Freeze and Oil - should these chemicals come in contact with oil, it could have a dangerous chemical reaction or lead to an explosion.
  • Control leach-ate on shelves and other parts

Fibre Glass Oil Separator

Our newly designed fibre glass oil separator uses osmotic pressure to release oil from effluent - thus, more efficient than the separators designed in 1913. The change in design was necessary due to the degreasers / chemicals now being used - degreasers emulsify oil with water, which is washed down drains and result in sewers. This interferes with the sewer process at the municipal effluent plant.


Sand Trap / Mud Box

Used in a wash bay to reduce maintenance costs for Oil Separators.


Fibre Glass Spades

Spark free fibre glass spade - reducing fire hazardous when dealing with chemical spills.


Recycling Bins

Ideal to separate waste at source, especially in workshops - ensure paper, plastic, metal, card board, hazardous and organic waste are kept separately and not contaminating other waste.



Used to decompose oil contaminated card board, paper and mud. The system includes a special earth worm that ensures top quality compost.


SLLC & Brake Fluid System

One of the most harmful substances in SLLC (Super Long Life Coolant) / Anti-Freeze / Brake-Fluid, is Ethylene Glycol - when consumed, it can form acidic chemicals which change the acid balance of the human body and affect the nervous system, lungs and heart.

The SupaZorb system binds the Ethylene Glycol and release a light alcohol.

The only maintenance is to drain the system once per day, flush with water weekly and refill every six months at a minimal fee.


Sealed Fluorescent Crusher

Both Fluorescent Lights and Energy Saving Light Bulbs contain 6.8 grams of mercury - it is extremely harmful to mankind and nature when disposed incorrectly.

Thus, the crusher aims to eliminate mercury gas from evaporating.

It can crush 200 to 400 bulbs.

The drum can be refilled at a minimum fee.


Oil Filter


To soak and clean old oil filters and used rags - the clean oil filters can be sold as scrap metal and the rags can be disposed with general waste, thereby reducing hazardous waste and saving on unnecessary expenses.

A 200litre container of filters can be sold as scrap metal for up to R800.00. Therefore reducing your waste and saving on unnecessary expenses.


Environmental Friendly Soap

SupaZorb manufacture chemicals:

- Hand Cleaner

- Car Wash High Foam

- Extra Heavy Duty Degreaser (Engine Cleaner)

- Tyre Shine

- Pine Gel (Disinfectant)

- Hand Wash

Our Car Wash High Foam and Extra Heavy Duty Degreaser (EHD) is approved by motor dealers in South Africa and Germany.

Contains no Endocrine Disruptor Chemicals such as NP9, NP6 and NP4. Binds heavy metals and immobilizes potential toxins.

Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) are available on request.


Rainwater harvesting & Recycling

To harvest rain and purify effluent water from wash bays. It can be modified and applied to various industries ranging from motor dealers, laundromats and farming - the number of tanks used, depend on the water needed.

The first sample is from the first tank, originated from the wash bay - the last sample is the quality of water produced (after being purified) by the system - ideal to re-use in the wash bay channel.

No chemicals are used - however, it does operate with the help of solar panels.

As from 2013, a one-year service plan is included with the purchase of a Rainwater Harvesting & Recycling System.

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