Harvesting Rainwater

The SupaZorb technicians found another solution to a problem. Our experts designed a new system that is one of a kind, The Rainwater Harvesting & Recycling System. This system was specifically designed to address the world wide water crisis that affects every person and corporation.

Although this is not a permanent solution, it is a cost effective way to ensure your productivity does not come to a halt.

According to law, everyone could and should harvest rainwater. Starting now, the law promotes car washes to recycle the water they use to wash vehicles. This was stated in a draft from the new Water Act that was already accepted by a number of municipalities in South Africa.

Extract from the law:

The law mentioned above can be found in: Section F of the Model Water Conservation And Water Demand Management By-Law, number 7. Industrial and commercial focus (Revised Version 2011, page 132): Re-circulation in Commercial Car Washes [and Laundering Facilities].

New commercial car washes must recirculate at least 50% of the potable water used, and new commercial laundry facilities must recirculate 50% of the potable water used. Established commercial car wash and laundering facilities must meet the recirculation requirements by 2015

The implementation of this system is very easy and could even be installed by the client.

Please note: This water is for industrial purposes only and not for consumption.

What are the benefits?

The system operates mostly on solar energy which saves you electricity costs. Only the water pumps are driven by Eskom power. Save on penalties for over using the stipulated amount of water given to you.

SupaZorb filter bags in an oil separator.