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Office Hours

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Our product range

At SupaZorb, we get to know our clients and their needs, thereby applying all our resources, research and knowledge to develop a system, service or a product according to their specifications.

All our products are custom made
- this allows us to make adjustments according to requirements -


Environmental Awareness Workshop

The aim of the workshop is to spread awareness and to minimise daily pollution:

- Our actions affect the environment negatively

- Industrial impacts on the environment and how to minimise it

- How to use your SupaZorb products

We also offer one-on-one training with Environmental Officers on how to compile an Environmental File to keep a paper trail - it also includes templates of documents required. A step-by-step manual must be purchased separately.

SETA Training

Dealing with Hazardous Spills

SAQA US ID: 242999

NQF Level: 4

Credits: 4


Training Manual

Our copyright training manual discuss the following topics:

  • Definition of spills
  • Harms of oil
  • Four important legislations concerning spills
  • Step-by-step instructions on how to clean spills when using SupaZorb products on soil, water and cement

Training DVD

We also have a DVD which is a summary of the training manual and demonstrates how to clean and treat spills.


Environmental Audit / Inspection

SupaZorb representative visits a motor dealership to determine whether they comply with the minimum national requirements.

A full report including photos of concerned areas and recommendations on how to address the concerns are sent to the dealership.


Pavement Clean-ups

When removing oil stains from pavement, we undertake all necessary precautions to prevent contamination from spreading - we only use our own environmental friendly chemicals and use booms to ensure untreated oil does not flow down storm water drains. Therefore keeping our water resources clean.

For emergency spill clean-ups, contact us on: 072 671 8746 / 076 581 8895


Inspection Holes (Auger)

Auguring, sampling and chemical analysis at places of interest to confirm pollution and result of Resistivity Mapping Equipment.


Clear / Remove Vegetation

Clear / Remove vegetation along sewer lines by means of the SupaZorb BOBCAT Excavator - in accordance to the National Building Act 1998.


Geophysical Resistivity / Conductivity Geological Mapping

Geophysical Resistivity / Conductivity Geological Mapping to trace hydrocarbon and biological contamination.

Image Descriptions:
  1. This is a typical example of detecting sewer or any other contaminated spill underground using Geophysical technology.
    enlarge illustrationMagnify Image

  2. Contours Map of Apparent Conductivity and Resistivity on Line MH 1 to MH 3
    enlarge illustrationMagnify Image

  3. 3D or groundwater flow and pollution into water table
    enlarge illustrationMagnify Image

  4. Fuel Levels on Water Table Nov 2013
    enlarge illustrationMagnify Image

  5. By using pumping techniques a Cone of depression in the Water Table prevents the contaminants in the water table to migrate to less desired areas. Containing the spill even at 40-60 meters underground in the water table
    enlarge illustrationMagnify Image

Rehabilitation Systems

  • Recover sewer effluent from drinking water
  • Recover and rehabilitate hydrocarbon spills from underground aquifer.
  • Determine origin of large hydrocarbon-, sewer effluent- and other spills in the aquifer.

Pipe Inspection Camera Surveys

The photo to the left demonstrates regular saturation.
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